Campaign details

Brand: Endo Pharmaceuticals
Agency: Ogilvy

Project description:

Up to 1 in 10 men worldwide have Peyronie's disease (PD), an intimate men's health condition which can lead to a pronounced curvature in the penis and potential pain during arousal and intimacy. But diagnosis rates remain low because men are too uncomfortable to talk about it, even with a doctor. In fact, there is so little awareness around PD that it's estimated that up to half of all patients are misdiagnosed as having erectile dysfunction (ED), and many are prescribed ED treatments, which are ineffective for PD.

With the only FDA approved treatment (surgery is the only alternative), Endo needed to find a way for patients who think they might have PD to feel comfortable enough to talk to a physician - a urologist in particular.

With less than 100,000 diagnoses each year in the U.S., it was clear that men with PD were going undiagnosed. A lack of credible information about PD and a trusted thought leader provided an opportunity for Endo to own and amplify the dialogue around PD, by encouraging men to talk to a urologist.