Campaign details

Brand: Elvie
Agency: Talker Tailor Trouble Maker Ltd.


In September 2018, Talker Tailor Trouble Maker launched Elvie Pump, the world's first silent wearable breast pump at London Fashion Week when model and mum Valeria Garcia, expressed milk whilst walking the catwalk; a global first moment generating over 380 pieces of coverage, 6,500 sign-ups, an 11% social engagement increase and a 56% increase in sales through PR alone.


London based Femtech company Elvie launched its latest innovation, Elvie Pump in October 2018. Whilst niche, our objective was to drive fame and product demand before it hit the shelves.


  • Drive demand for Elvie Pump before it goes on sale
  • Drive brand and product fame for Elvie and Elvie Pump
  • Showcase that the new Elvie breast pump makes women's lives easier
  • Don't behave like a small business


  • £25,000, total project budget
  • £0, staff costs as covered in retainer (£7,500 per month)
  • £15,000, London Fashion Week partnership
  • £5,000, additional third party
  • £5,000 was returned to the client

Target Audience

  • Our macro audience is affluent women who have just had or are thinking of having children, who are interested in culture.
  • The primary focus was affluent women who were engaged with cool culture and were just about to have kids
  • We wanted a launch that would impact not just women thinking about children but their friendship circles, families and partners also