Business Issue, the third largest e-commerce company in the world, began its media journey in Mexico alongside Edelman in October 2017. Since then, our clear objective has been to proactively raise brand awareness, but moreover, to communicate's commitment towards accommodation diversity with a "glocal" approach, considering we realized that Mexicans didn't tend to use the platform to travel within Mexico. The challenge then was to find innovative and honorable ways to promote Mexico's traditions, and to highlight its culture richness and tourism diversity, starting from diverse accommodation experiences our country has to offer.

Insight's diverse product portfolio and analytics team helped reveal that 88% of Mexicans intended to post on social media every day during their next vacation, and 66% planned to stay in a type of accommodation they've never stayed before. With this data, and considering we wanted to approach local travel experiences, the Edelman team decided to launch an experience linked to a Mexican tradition with global relevance which would be completely sharable.

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