Situational Analysis

Mauritius was named among 25 countries in the high risk jurisdiction list by custodian banks, shared with SEBI following a regulation in April on 'Beneficial Owners' reported in the leading financials.

While this was aimed at curbing the use of these jurisdictions for fund round-tripping, Mauritius feared that this allegation could impact genuine investors and severely damage its reputation as an investment hub, thus impacting Mauritius' economy by $100bn-150bn.

We were entrusted with the task of correcting Mauritius' perception with the regulator and the banking ecosystem.


Combat fear mongering and erase perceptions of Mauritius being a 'high-risk jurisdiction' Secure Mauritius' credentials as a transparent and compliant jurisdiction Establish Mauritius as a tax and investment friendly jurisdiction

Insights & Creatvity

Since the news on the issue was largely reportage of the 'high-risk jurisdiction' list and lacked opinion bv the media, and key opinion leaders, we identified a the opportunity to

  1. Correct influence the ones writing about the issue,
  2. educate the ones on the periphery to correct their perceptions and
  3. influence the regulator by creating parallel ambassadors through their view-points