Campaign details

Brand: Early Warning
Agency: Huge

Situation analysis

Two short years ago, Early Warning introduced the U.S. public to a new way to pay friends and family within minutes - right from the convenience of their mobile banking apps with Zelle®. A national advertising campaign featuring Tony-award winner, Daveed Diggs, complemented innovative bank-led marketing, to help rocket this service to near-household name status in record time. The initial campaign drove aided awareness to a peak of 48%.

Despite this, actual usage of Zelle was plateauing. Consumers were using it once or twice a month, and not as part of "everyday behavior." Early Warning conducted a set of bi-weekly quantitative and quarterly qualitative research studies to discover why consumers were not using Zelle more frequently. A comprehensive, "Digital Adoption Study" revealed that consumers were not aware of the possibilities using Zelle afforded them. They needed to be shown.