Campaign details

Agency: AvianWE
Brand: McDonald's India

Background and Challenge

Since its inception in India in 1996, McDonald's has led the way for the QSR industry. Whether its menu innovation, in-store experience, variety, value or offering consumers what they want, McDonald's has constantly reinvented itself to stay relevant to Indian consumers. Despite all this, the brand is constantly categorised as 'junk' and 'unhealthy'.

The 23 years of learning made it evident that the brand and the business cannot possibly be approached as separate, because they will never be separate in the eyes of the customers. Everything they do and stand for as an organisation will be just as important as the final product. If customers don't trust the brand, they won't trust the food. With this insight, the company decided to make some big, disruptive moves in 2018 to bring in a visible change in the way stakeholders see McDonald's as a brand.


  1. To see an uptake in the consumer brand trust scores
  2. Acknowledgement of path-breaking work by the food regulators

Audience Insight