Embrace the differences. This is one of the five pillars on which SAP, one of the world largest software providers, is founded. With more than 437,000 corporate and public sector clients whom it helps to operate profitably. , adapt continuously and grow with sustainability thanks to the use of the latest technological innovations available, from machine learning to the internet of things, from artificial intelligence to the cloud, passing through an endless list of solutions.

When the company defined its principles, which it called How We Run, diversity and inclusion were, as mentioned, one of the essential elements: it is an objective of the organization that each of its collaborators can be authentic in the field of work.

The number of initiatives that give support to this vision on a daily basis multiply. Employees networks already have alternatives such as Pride @ SAP, focused on the LGBTQ + community, Business Women's Network for the development of female talents, Ethnicities @ SAP oriented towards the awareness and inclusion of minorities of any race or ethnicity. and Differently Abled People - launched in 2019 - to promote the development of people with disabilities. All these networks are inclusive: it is not necessary to be part of the minority group to participate.