The Challenge... Prove the Value of Earned Media Relations PR

For years, every client has said the same thing, "We love your work but we wish there was a better way to measure its value." From impressions to Ad Value, public relations professionals have sought ways to measure impact to prove the value of PR.

We decided it was time to move from simple metrics to more strategic metrics. So, we developed our own methodology.

Our Starting Point: The purpose of our measurement metric was to 1) Prove Value (to our clients) and 2) Improve Performance (use the data to learn and optimize so good work becomes great).

To accomplish these two objectives, Lippe Taylor created a standardized measurement system and metric for clients across all industries to show how our earned media relations work delivers superior ROI.

Our Goal:

  • In an ideal world.... Show CAUSATION between earned media and sales.
  • In the real world...Show CORRELATION of media placements and positive recall. Why? Because positive brand recall is proven to influence thoughts, attitudes and behavior.
  1. Prove Value
  2. Improve Performance