Campaign details

Advertiser: Deloitte Portugal


When the State Budget is discussed, the main tax firms in Portugal want to position themselves in the market using public relations. All of them have the strategy of releasing content to the media (earned and owned). This strategy has turned this topic into a battle in which the players wrestle without any differentiated weapons. Therefore, the content quality has not been until now a critical success factor, as the "fight" has focused on the channel instead of the message.


To differentiate Deloitte's line and tone of communication and lead the media in State Budget-related topic.

Strategy & Implementation

To capitalize on the concept "A way to explain the state budget that even kids can understand" - the analysis made by Deloitte is so simple that even a child can understand this complex topic.

  • The employees' children were the stars of the campaign, presenting the top subjects in the State Budget.
  • Online, the campaign was promoted on the website and social media (Linkedin and Youtube).
  • On the traditional media, there was an exclusive partnership with the most important newspaper in the country (Expresso) with special pieces and interviews with Deloitte partners - instead of the usual mass information.
  • Finally, one of the key points was the decision to extend the communication plan period as a way to anticipate the competition and to keep the topic on the media agenda for a longer period of time.