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Brand: Decathlon Bulgaria Ltd
Agency: All Channels Communication Group

If you are as lazy and tired as average Bulgarian, maybe it's better to watch the video. It says it all...

The Challenge

Bulgarian people would rather watch sports than practice any.

Indeed, we have had top athletes such as Grigor Dimitrov, Ivet Lalova, Hristo Stoichkov and Stefka Kostadinova, but we appreciate sporting activities mostly as spectators.

That is why coming last on the 2017 Eurobarometer charts for sport and physical activity received zero coverage in national media.

78% of Bulgarian people had one word to answer the question how often they did sports. The word was: NEVER

Bad news for Bulgaria concluded international media. Bad news for Decathlon, whose mission is to make sports accessible for everyone. Normally, when 5 million of your potential clients never do sports, it's hardly even a business case.

The Decathlon's Interpretation