Campaign details

Brand: CTP Invest
Agency: Bison & Rose


Industrial halls, warehouses, manufacturing premises… they're not exactly a sight for sore eyes. In the Czech Republic, the big proliferation of industrial premises hinders or outright arrests the development of city life in the regions. Might the public – as a stakeholder in municipal planning – be persuaded to support such property? What if dull, "grey boxes" were visually transformed into "stunning gardens" beside motorways? The CTP Art Wall project literally provides a large-format solution. Its mural artwork is unrivalled in size in the country and is unparalleled in the CEE region.


CTP Art Wall rests on a Be a good neighbour corporate strategy. Imaginatively, it unites two rather disparate groups and makes the public a neighbourhood co-creator. Street artists, like developers with their industrial creations, are seldom perceived positively. CTP Art Wall takes on this dilemma, opening the way to artistic expression that does away with dull "grey boxes". Project realisation support and financial rewards are on offer. The project launched with an international graphic design contest to spruce up 6,500 sqm of surfaces. The prize ceremony was held with an exhibition of designs. The most thrilling time came when a group of artists, led by the winner, over six days and nights spray-painted the murals.