Conoco, a fuel brand with over 2,400 gas stations primarily located in Colorado and Montana, needed to reach a younger audience. Its target audience is a difficult one to engage: 18-to-2A-year-olds, often paralyzed by their screens, who embrace couch culture more than IRL connections. They're often immune to marketing and not likely to engage with brands.

They're living in a world that wants us to stay, not go. It wants us to sit, text, snap, tap, fav, yawn, curate, retweet. Repeat. Until our eyes dry out from the endless stream of #content. Until our necks get carpal tunnel. Why actually go high-five a friend with our human hands when we can send a perfectly good fist-bump emoji?

We worked with Conoco to reiterate that we still believe in going. In piling-in-the-car-with friends-ing. Not disconnecting, but reconnecting. Because we believe people were made to go. To fill up the tank and drive and see and feel and hear and smell and experience. To trade the digital streams for, you know, streams made of water every once in a while. In a world of stay, choose go.