Corcovado took on the challenge of coordinating the comms operation of the 1st International Congress of Mathematicians held in the Southern Hemisphere, in Rio, for 3,000 attendees. Quite a challenge, with several large events within the major event, mainly the delivery of the Fields Medal, the “Nobel Prize” for math.

Our goal was to strategically use the media opportunity to publicize Math. Before the event, we publicized the Fields Medal winners under embargo to the international media and 120 accredited journalists. Two days prior to the ICM, however, a fire hit the event facility, igniting a crisis that needed our intervention. Another PR crisis broke as one of the prize winners had his medal stolen. We reacted swiftly.

After issuing a statement, we delivered the footage of the suspects to the Police and press. We advised the client to seek a quick solution, delivering a new medal to the winner, who was assisted and oriented by Corcovado not to speak to the press for the time being. Another ceremony took place 3 days later, followed by a press conference, when he minimized the episode. The crisis was over.