In nearly every household in America, cleaning is a constant conundrum as people struggle to juggle jobs, careers, and in the margins of the week, the business of maintaining an orderly, functioning home. The growing retail space devoted to cleaning products speaks to the struggle, with all manner of cloths, wands, stick sweepers and cleaners from an expanding competitive field to help consumers do more in less time.

Clorox has a huge stake in the field, with its flagship bleach, toilet cleaners, and those magical disinfecting wipes. As generic store brands and other newcomers scramble for market share and profits, Clorox saw the kid-coloring on the wall as time to double-down on brand relevance with a new brand purpose to resonate with every person facing the universal struggle for clean-and-tidy in an increasingly messy world.

At the same time, Clorox aims to elevate its brand as one with a higher purpose than the offering of its trusted products alone. The company is focused on using its giant platform for social impact as its global brand purpose states: "Clean is the beginning. What comes next is everything." Marrying marketing and higher purpose goals in a single program would be a sparkling accomplishment.