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Advertiser: Clorox Healthcare
Brand: Clorox Healthcare
Agency: Ketchum
Country: United States

Situation Analysis

A mother of three young children is rushed to the ER with appendicitis. This woman is one of the lucky ones—it's routine surgery with minimal recovery time, and she goes home in just two days. But for some, what should be routine turns tragic. Between 2% and 5% of inpatient surgery patients suffer surgical site infections (SSIs) that lead to complications and even death. The consequences are devastating for patients and their families.

The most common cause of SSIs? S. aureus, a bacteria that approximately 30% of people carry in their nose.

The new Clorox Healthcare™ Nasal Antiseptic Swabs are povidone iodine swabs that reduce S. aureus in the nose. The simple step of "decolonizing" a patient's nose prior to surgery can help prevent infection—and save lives. More importantly, Clorox Healthcare's Nasal Antiseptic Swabs are an extraordinarily easy-to-use antiseptic alternative to antibiotics—much easier to administer than competitive products—and represent a simple way to help improve patient outcomes, while reducing overreliance on antibiotics.