Campaign details

Brand: Clementoni
Agency: Omnicom PR Group


Every industry is being transformed by digital technology. That includes education. Giving children the skills to succeed is requiring schools to try new-and different-things in countries all around the world. Italy is no exception. Although far from Silicon Valley, Italian educators understand the critical need to prepare the next generation for participating in the digital workforce of the future.

Clementoni-the leading educational toy company in Italy-saw an opportunity to do well by doing good. To help children learn valuable new digital skills while having fun-and to strengthen Clementoni's position as a pioneer in educational toys-the company collaborated with the University La Sapienza (Rome) to test whether playing with its new coding robot (called DOC) in Italian primary schools would help children learn better than traditional pedagogical methods. The results were extremely positive: 76% of the students got a better score in the final evaluation after playing with DOC, and the percentage of students who achieved the maximum score increased from 19% to 25%. Clementoni also got a fantastic PR boost, with more than 109 articles about the initiative reaching 103 million unique users-a media value of nearly €630,000.