Campaign details

Brand: Clear Channel
Agency: Prime Weber Shandwick


Our mission was to showcase the possibilities that Clear Channel's digital screens have to offer. The contextual starting point of the idea was the increased amount of homeless people and the city of Stockholm's directive to open temporary shelters when temperatures drop below -7 degrees. Few people manage to find their way to the shelters, and therefore, we created an emergency system through the digital billboards that are located where people are. Based on weather data, distance and time, those who are homeless were referred to the nearest open shelter, as soon as the temperature reached -7 degrees. During warmer temperatures, some of the signs showed messages to the public regarding an increased need for volunteers and donations of necessities. The initiative has created attention for an important matter and given refuge to the ones who need it the most. Many of the related organisations have witnessed new faces that have appeared during the winter and that more wanted to join the system. A total of 78% have become more positive to Clear Channel after having seen the initiative. The emergency system has, through roughly 120 Swedish and International news articles, reached over 72 million people in earned reach.

Mission and Strategy