Campaign details

Agency: Christiana Care Health System

Project Description:

A major milestone in public health history was accomplished on Oct. 11, 2018 through Christiana Care Health System's #HitMeWithYourFluShot campaign, which resulted in a total of 7,868 employees, volunteers and allied staff professionals getting vaccinated against the flu in a 17-hour timeframe, in advance of the 2018-2019 winter flu season. Given that Christiana Care, the largest private employer in Delaware, has nearly 12,000 employees in an estimated 100 locations in four states, we created the #HitMeWithYourFluShot employee-engagement campaign that included employees from nearly all areas of the health system as models. The models posed with flexed arms and neon green bandages on their shoulders – where the flu shot is administered – and images of the employees were featured in a variety of images throughout the system. These images dramatically raised awareness of the event. By the end of the event, more than 55 percent of the employees had been vaccinated, propelling the health system more than halfway to its overall employee vaccination rate goal of 92 percent. By January, Christiana Care eclipsed its goal, as 93.8 percent of the workforce had been voluntarily vaccinated. A post-event survey of 700 employees found that every single respondent was aware of the event before it began. Media coverage included 21 national, regional and local stories, reaching a potential audience of 24 million.

Research and Insight that contributed to the Creative Strategy