In 2019, CITIC Credit Card upgraded its Magic Lady Card (a credit card customized for the female consumers) on 8th March which also coincided with International Women's Day,

In China, in the national policy, both men and women are equal. However, there still exists gender bias and women's position are generally regarded lower than men. 43% of Chinese women are less confident in the workplace and daily life. To boldly tackle that issue, CITIC developed the tagline 'Break Bias, Create Possibilities' to match the new product features. An integrated 15-day offline event was launched which took consumers to a 'Wonderland Apartment' with products to enhance the brand's bold statement and increase brand awareness and preference. The event visualized all the discriminations that women face in China but empower and encourage them with actionable slogans.

The campaign collaborated with and were endorsed by pioneer women KOLs from diverse fields on social media and initiated in-depth consumer engagement. The offline event and online social platforms collaborations triggered resonance with the consumers and successfully built an emotional bond between consumers and the brand. The campaign attracted more than 20,000 visitors to the event and generating nine million impressions. It ignited in depth discussions on a subject that is usually avoided in public.