Situation Analysis

Children are the building blocks of our future. Thus, their well-being, opinion and voices deserve to be heard and must be prioritised by the State and civil society. However, over the last decade, there has been a 10-fold increase in crimes committed against children, according to 'Childescent in India: We are children too', a 2018 report launched by well-known non-profit organisation, Child Rights and You (CRY).

Our client, CRY, constantly endeavours to build public awareness on child rights and the importance of providing a happy, healthy and safe childhood.

PR Objective

Increase CRY's engagement with general public and help create greater awareness about building a safe childhood for children.


Given the objective, we realised that in order to raise awareness about children enjoying a happy and safe childhood, we would need to come up with an idea that would resonate with the general public. A brainstorming session gave birth to an idea of using yellow socks.