Marketing Challenges

Holding the brand idea "You are naturally beautiful", CHANDO encourages consumers to be confident in their true inner selves and enjoy a natural and beautiful life.

In terms of the skincare brands, Women's Day has always been a big opportunity for communication campaigns in a year, on which CHANDO hopes to strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and the wider women group, and improve brand preference by supporting women.

However, since Women's Day is a large-scale marketing arena for all major women's brands where consumers are bound to face voices of various brands, CHANDO needs to seek a way to best empathize with consumers, making CHANDO the strongest voice among the Women's Day marketing communications.


Our communication target is to enhance consumer engagement in CHANDO by means of spontaneously generating a phenomenon-level social topic concerning the brand. Topic measure standard includes the total exposure and the total increase of Wechat and Weibo followers: the exposure target is 270 million+, and the total increase on followers is 15,000.