Campaign details

Brand: American Greetings
Agency: MullenLowe

Screen centric audiences were threatening to leave greeting cards behind

Every January, major tech brands descend on Las Vegas to capture the world's attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with announcements featuring the latest, thinnest gadgetry. So why would a 111-year-old greeting card company show up at CES, the world's largest tech trade show? Because a paper greeting card from American Greetings is one of the most powerful, meaningful forms of social technology.

The greeting card category was in a state of continuous decline as digital communication, like texting and social media, became the accepted (and preferred) way to connect. But restoring relevance to an entire category would require resources far above what we had access to. American Greetings would need to rely on a disruptive idea to create earned media and press attention to help spread their message.