Saddle Up to the Bar and Let Us Tell You About Negroni Week...

As classic cocktails returned to fashion, Campari needed a way to lead the resurgence amidst flat sales of the bitter liqueur. Though globally the brand focus was on fashion and the arts, the U.S. team knew local bartenders drove cocktail consumption. We took a risk and developed a multi-year grassroots on-premise effort that appealed to bartenders' creativity and community spirit to celebrate and fuel sales of a 100-year-old drink: the Negroni.

Why the Negroni? Simple: As the quintessential Campari cocktail, it requires only three ingredients aside from its orange peel garnish: one part gin, one part vermouth and one part Campari. And most importantly, it is simply not authentic without the latter. No substitutes accepted.

The solution was as direct as it was effective: mobilize bartenders for a cause...their cause. Campari partnered with Imbibe Magazine to create Negroni Week - a seven-day special event during the first week of June, in which bars, restaurants and vendors created unique Negronis (or Negroni-inspired items), and then donated those proceeds to a charity of their choice. Campari sweetened the deal with a $1 0K donation to the highest fundraising participant, and $75K total in donations to charity partners. Since its inception six years ago, Negroni Week has raised over $2M for charities around the world.