Campaign details

Brand: Burger King Kuwait
Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Boomtown Productions, Senyar Innovative Media

Executive Summary

When the Sun's fury in Kuwait was impacting Burger King's business and taking the consumers' attention, we hijacked the conversations and diverted the attention to the brand by doing the unlikely - instead of trying to fight the Sun, we partnered with it!

Staying true to the brand's core of flame - grilling, we made the world's first Sun Flame - Grilled Whopper - the iconic Whopper flame - grilled using the power of the Sun.

The news of this unusual partnership spread far and wide generating more than 40 Million Earned Media impressions across the globe, worth more than $7.5 Million! Not only this, the idea had a strong positive impact on brand sales which increased by 12% compared to last year and even TOM Awareness, which increased by 17% compared to the last quarter.

The Background