Campaign details

Brand: Burger King
Agency: Coolr


Burger King was looking to connect with a young, millennial audience and win the attention and respect of this hard-to-reach group.

Social media was to be the battleground - and we needed a point of view, attitude and perspective that would make us stand out from the crowd.

Our challenge

What do you do when the biggest star on the planet shares their public love for your biggest rival...?!!

Most brands retreat. Pretend it didn't happen. Maybe open a bottle of wine, drown their sorrows and curse their competitors. Not Burger King.

We transformed a PR headache into our biggest social activation of 2018.

Research & Insight

Yes Burger King

We developed an audience-based proposition for Burger King on social that was based on creating a simple reaction; we wanted our fans to see our content and say "Yes Burger King!".