Campaign details

Brand: BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH
Agency: Emanate GmbH and Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH


As the perennial second place challenger to fast food leader McDonald's, BURGER KING® is constantly looking for buzz-worthy opportunities to tweak its rival. Our mandate is to be bold, and given a modest PR budget we like to find and disrupt pop culture moments in unexpected ways that get people talking.

In September 2017, it arrived in the form of 'It', the supernatural horror film based on the Stephen King novel. Even before its European debut, the American film was generating widespread chatter for being one of the most frightening movies ever made.

We couldn't help notice that the terrifying character of Pennywise in 'It' shared something with McDonald's famous mascot, Ronald: They're both red-haired clowns. And given McDonald's signature tagline 'I'm loving it', we saw a devilish way for BURGER KING® to get in on the action and raise brand awareness.