The only existing large-scale survey of the communications industry in Russia, shedding light on the state of the industry within the country and in a global context and highlighting key trends for agencies and in-house teams.


Buman Media began surveying the Russian PR industry in 2014 as a way of canvassing opinion among in-house communications professionals and understanding how they think, what challenges they face, their budgets and their expectations from agencies. This data had never been gathered before and Buman was inspired to take the initiative after working with recruitment agency HeadHunter and running a series of polls and surveys.


The survey is carried out alongside HeadHunter, online and over email. upto 150 communicatons directors and in-house PR professionals across departments including IT, retail and finance are polled. Questions explore the structure of Russian PR departments, their relationship with agencies, the budgets they have available and how these have changed, how they invest, the media and channels they use, and the issues they face.