Campaign details

Brand: Bryte Insurance Company Ltd
Agency: Instinctif Partners

Global insurer, Zurich was a well-established business in Southern Africa servicing a diverse portfolio of businesses and customers.

Following Zurich's decision to sell its South Africa and Botswana assets (a move that could have conjured up much speculation and heightened nervousness in the market) and the conclusion of a sale with Canadian headquartered, Fairfax Financial Holdings, a long journey of considered communications was critical in order to overcome the challenges that accompany a transition of this nature. Moving to Fairfax, which operates solely on a decentralised model, meant having to conceptualise a new brand and in many ways, a new business.

The Challenge

  • Moving from a global to a seemingly "local" business: Zurich had the advantage of a well-established brand, large geographical footprint and business size while the new brand was an unknown with absolutely no brand value and essentially only a local footprint.
  • Letting go of a heritage that partners and customers had come to trust and love: Zurich had entrenched itself in South Africa and Botswana and as a global insurance brand, had built immense credibility and engendered trust.
  • The perception of lack of access to global insights and experts as well as sound financial backing: Being acquired by Fairfax had numerous benefits including: operating on a decentralised model, having access to the company's network of experts and stakeholders, global support with a strong balance sheet and the ability to fulfil our ongoing growth ambitions. However, in order to effectively reassure key stakeholders, particularly our valued broker partners, we recognised that clear, timely, authentic and interactive engagement at every stage of the process, was critical. Embracing both the opportunities and challenges, we set of to not just provide assurance but far exceed our customers' and partners' expectations.
  • Engaging our toughest critics, securing critical buy-in: The journey to designing a brand-new identity started with understanding perceptions and areas requiring improvement from our toughest critics – our employees. This presented us with the opportunity to truly define our key strengths and differentiators within both the South African and Botswanan markets.