In September 2017, WE Communications piloted Brands in Motion, an annual global study conducted in partnership with YouGov.

Brands in Motion is our agency's unique perspective on consumer perception, and it serves triple duty as a tool for marketing, client counsel, and new business development.

In 2018, with a pilot under our belt, we were ready to refine the survey, tell more complex, relevant stories, and use the study data and insights to engage with the media, client, industry influencers, and potential prospects on a much bigger scale than in 2017.

Brands in Motion makes the daring proposition that brand positioning is dead. Our 2018 study proved that brands could no longer afford to occupy a fixed position in a constantly changing environment and posits that in order to thrive, brand positioning should be dynamic rather than static. This is an idea that contests long-standing traditions within the industry and is a challenge for change.