Campaign details

Brand: Bolton Austria / Borotalco
Agency: Ketchum Publico


Body odor is part of life. And one truth is universal: nobody wants to be the one to tell others that they 'stink.' In Austria, two in five men and one in five women don't use deodorant daily. So it's no wonder a majority of Austrians say they're bothered by someone with offensive body odor, but 75% would rather suffer in silence than say something.


We helped Borotalco become the messenger that no one wanted to be, launching the Stop the Stink Hotline, a site where whistleblowers could anonymously report smelly friends or co-workers, and receive help dealing with the sensitive subject. Borotalco handled the problem confidentially, delivering a "relief" package of products to offenders with an upbeat letter, wishing them "a cool and stress-free summer."