Campaign details

Agency: Genesis BCW
Brand: BookMyShow

Situation Analysis

In India, BookMyShow (BMS) is synonymous with booking tickets for movies, events, concerts and more. BMS wanted to go beyond that and diversify into production of international live events like Broadway musicals. They conducted a consumer survey that revealed that 80% urban millennials in India are looking for unique and fresh entertainment options. While they are aware of international musicals and theatre productions, many have not had the chance to watch one.

Seizing the opportunity, BMS collaborated with Disney to produce their first-ever live show Aladdin, a Broadway-style musical. With the concept of'Introducing a whole new world of entertainment'to India, BMS used an integrated approach with public relations, blogger and influencer engagements and on-ground activities. It positioned Disney's Aladdin as a blockbuster movie coming to town to build excitement for this evergreen classic enjoyed across age-groups. The campaign saw a whopping 1000+ stories and over 300 social media posts and stories across 3 seasons of the musical in Mumbai and Delhi, not just cementing BookMyShow's credentials in a new genre of entertainment but also contributing in the sale of 50K tickets.

Objectives/ Goals