Executive Summary

Photographed only if a mask covers his entire face. Filmed only if his voice is distorted. Audio recordings prohibited during print interviews. Welcome to the world of BiP, or as the anonymous North American graffiti artist is also known, Believe in People.

Asking journalists to conduct an interview without dictaphones is very rare in Latin America. It also leaves the subject open to misquoting. Yet it does not cause anywhere near as many problems as telling media they will be unable to reveal the face, age, name or any of the subject's personal details.

This was exactly the challenge faced by the Sherlock Communications' art and entertainment division while working with BiP during a three-week publicity campaign. And as we quickly learnt, patience, understanding, and strong, respectful relationships with the media are essential in such delicate situations.

Our budget? Zero. He paid us with an original, hand-signed painting.