Campaign details

Agency: 20:20 MSL
Brand: Bio Oil

Why is this work relevant to PR?

The Campaign #UnstretchedJourney demonstrates the power of PR in driving conversations and engagement based on insights and social behaviors in India. On Mother's Day, Bio-Oil, the World's leading anti-stretch marks brand set-out to communicate the importance of support during pregnancy. The brand leveraged the untold pregnancy experiences of celebrity mommies in India, further dialing-up these stories with PR. Through relevant partnerships and amplification, the brand made an impression not just on the consumers, but also on healthcare professionals, who at the end of the campaign upped the number of times they prescribed the brand.


The journey of motherhood for a woman is dotted with multiple doubts, concerns and nervousness and she needs maximum support from the people around her. In India, the news of pregnancy brings together family & friends, neighbors and acquaintances together who huddle up to ensure an easy and enjoyable journey for the woman. Bio-Oil embarked upon chronicling the support of individuals both family and otherwise who stretched themselves to make the pregnancy journey of a young mom an #UnstretchedJourney.

Creative idea