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Agency: In-house
Brand: Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited


A lot of homes in the rural and semi-rural pockets of Bihar had little or no access to electricity, which in today's day and age a basic necessity. Life in these areas came to a standstill after sundown. Food was cooked before it turned dark. In the absence of electricity, there were no tuebwells or borewells to irrigate fields resulting in low agricultural productivity. Children's studies got affected because of no lights. There was no safety at night because of absence of street lights. Besides, there was zero or poor connectivity with the rest of the world because of no charging points for phones.

Another major issue was people not willing to receive registered connections because of the fear of not wanting to pay bills, which in their case was an additional financial burden. With an intent to ensure the electrification of each household in the state, the state government came up with an ambitious programme dubbed 'Har Ghar Bijli Yojana'.

The Saubhagya scheme launched by the government of India was inspired by the Bihar's government's 'Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar' programme. The scheme that was launched two years ago and is a part of Nitish Kumar's 'Seven Resolves' (also 'Saat Nishchay').