Campaign details

Brand: Microsoft
Agency: Echo Myanmar

Did you know Myanmar has one of the highest piracy rates (over 90%) in Southeast Asia? Not only is it difficult to convince them to spend the money on licensed software, but it's equally difficult for them to find reputable dealers from which to buy genuine. With Microsoft not having a large footprint in the market yet, we decided that leveraging personalities and third parties with more clout would be the best choice to deliver any message from Microsoft, especially one involving technical knowledge.

The objective of Microsoft as a business was to increase awareness around key messaging the agency localized specifically for Myanmar to highlight the benefits of using licensed Windows products, and the risks of not doing so - those included risk to family, professional standing and security, three core drivers for Myanmar.

Speaking of the target audience, for this campaign it was millennial students, small business owners and the general public. They read print and online, but at this point in Myanmar's digital transformation, had just begun following and engaging with lifestyle and other influencers online. So we sought to mix both traditional, digital and influencer communications in an in-market stunt supported by integrated communications channels.