Creating an editorial engine for content creation that encompasses owned, earned and paid multiformat content is the definition of an integrated communications campaign, and is exactly what network video surveillance market leader Axis Communications and The Hoffman Agency has developed. A campaign that drives traffic to the Axis website, generates media coverage, and supports lead generation. Efficiency through a single content definition and creation process, irrespective of format or channel, results in the maximum 'bang for buck' in corporate storytelling through blog posts, content assets, news announcements, and owned and earned media articles.

Objectives & Budget

While the ultimate commercial objective is to generate sales enquiries for Axis and its partners, given the indirect nature of the Axis sales process - almost all products are sold to customers through security consultants and resellers rather than direct - sales themselves are difficult to attribute to communications activities. Therefore, the specific programme objective is to create measurably engaging content for target audiences, evaluated through:

  • Website and blog traffic/visits
  • Blog content and Newsroom article engagement (time on page, click-throughs, etc)
  • Content asset downloads
  • Media coverage