Campaign details

Brand: AXE (Unilever)
Agency: W

The AXE brand is a loyal companion in the daily life of men everywhere . Allowing them to break chains of conformity and stereotype when it comes to manhood and masculine beauty. This represents the central message of the AXE brand: Find Your Magic!

Encourage men to get in touch and affirm their own unique style, AXE has launched a new line of deodorants and shower-gels: AXE YOU!

You've got something!

On the occasion of the launching of AXE YOU in Mauritius, AXE wanted to make a big impression on the Youth of Mauritius, interpelating this specific portion of the demographic to participate in an exciting integrated communication campaign which will give them a platform to showcase what makes them unique. The campaign aimed at getting the youth acquainted to the new line while at the same time get the youth involved with the brand through a unique set of events.

Components of the campaign