Transforming social media into a teaching platform

Axalta is a leading global manufacturer of automotive paint, responsible for the colors of the best-selling cars worldwide. And although it has strong recognition within the automotive industry, the brand and its assets were lacking awareness - and sales - with a very important target market: refinishing.

Auto repair workshops and refinish painters were a large potential client that Axalta wasn't developing relationships with. Talquimy understood that this part of the business could be a game changer. Surveying the competition and studying the macro market and economic situation, the agency presented Axalta with "The Guardian of Colors" (Guardiao das Cores) platform.

Researching the social media that auto repair shop owners and refinish professionals use, Talquimy developed an educational campaign on Instagram and Facebook to not only introduce products and techniques, but to teach professionals how to benefit from them and why they would make a difference in their work.