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Brand: Avon
Agency: Be-it Agency


Avon has been at the forefront of the fight against breast cancer since 2001 in Ukraine. Awareness of the decease has risen since then, but in our research 27% of women still said they have never had a check up and 30% were not intending to do it in the nearest year.

At the same time 1 in 7 Ukrainian women will face breast cancer during her lifetime. Half the times the illness will claim its victim's life. Primarily because of late diagnostics.

That is why convincing Ukrainian women to see a breast physician before it's too late became our main challenge.


While talking to women diagnosed with breast cancer on the late 3rd-4th stage we've realized that the fear of hearing bad news "paralyzes" action and a woman doesn't visit a breast physician, even knowing something is wrong.

The fear provokes hurtful inaction, despite the situation's fatality. Until the diagnosis is heard, there's a glimpse of hope that everything will eventually go away.