Campaign details

Brand: Aurubis Bulgaria
Agency: Chapter 4 Bulgaria

Initial Situation Leading to The Creation of The Project

Aurubis Bulgaria is part of the world's leading manufacturers of copper and copper products – Aurubis Group. It is the second biggest company in Bulgaria situated 80 km away from the capital – Sofia. The copper production plant of Aurubis has been known as the Copper heart of Bulgaria, located in the Srednogorie region employing more than 850 people from the region and the whole country.

In 2018 was celebrated the 60th anniversary since the opening of theplant which provides the livelihood of the people in the region for so many years.

Challenge of The Campaign

As a leading company, Aurubis has various stakeholders with different level of communication and interaction: employees, local municipalities, media, public, local and national institutions, leaders of the nationally represented employers' and trade union organisations, as well as veterans from the copper plant history, partners of the companies from the metallurgical branch from the country. The main challenge was to find the common ground which could unite them all and convince them that the company genuinely cares about the plant which is close to the hearts of all of them.

Objectives of The Campaign