Campaign details

Brand: Arçelik A.Ş.
Agency: Mobi Wan

Executive Summary

We aimed to create a sustainable "solution" not a campaign, to tackle with the usage of gender discriminatory language in order to celebrate World Women Day, 2018.

In this digital era and owing to high level of social media usage, our communication became more written (instead of verbal) than ever in history. The essence of our creative idea aroused from this fact: Messages and social sharing effect hundreds of people on social media and WhatsApp groups, while the impact of our P2P verbal communication is still very limited to a few people we talk to. In order to minimise the circulation frequency and volume of gender discriminatory words and phrases, (to erode the effect of sexist language on cultural acceptance of sexual discrimination), we decided to apply Poka Yoke technique which means, to tackle the problem at its source: on the keyboards of our mobile devices and PC's.