Campaign details

Brand: Aliseda Inmobiliaria

Client need

There are currently more than 90 real estate firms in Spain sharing a large amount of information through different channels. In this context, Aliseda Inmobiliaria needed a way to stand out from the other firms and develop a different kind of action that would allow them to connect with potential clients and new audiences beyond the sector itself For this reason, the company accepted the challenge of developing a Branded Content action to increase its public visibility and improve its positioning in the parent community.

Aliseda Inmobiliaria developed its branded content action How kids imagine the house of the future in February 2017 as a follow-up to its If you can dream it, we can find it campaign with two very different yet complementary lines of work:

  • Data journalism: The development of Viral Research, How kids imagine the house of the future, an online platform aimed at disseminating content through dynamic and interactive formats that go beyond the text. This format is based on an opinion study on what Spanish kids think the house of the future will be like. This data journalism application rises to the challenge of increasing public visibility for Aliseda Inmobiliaria and improving its positioning as one of the main sector real estate firms among the previously defined target.
  • Brand Entertainment: To complement the study on how kids see the house of the future, an emotional piece was developed through an experiment where Aliseda Inmobiliaria let the imaginations of six kids run wild, asking them how they imagined their dream home. At the end of the video, and thanks to the collaboration offered by young architects, Aliseda surprised the little ones with an exact 3D replica of their dream home.

Development and details