Campaign details

Advertiser: Alba Chunkuk
Brand: Alba Chunkuk
Agency: Weber Shandwick Korea
Country: South Korea

Situation analysis

Korea's sluggish job market resulted in an increasing number of people working part-time. In 2015, there were more than one million part-time workers in Korea and this was predicted to increase by 20-30,000 people each year. The majority of part-time workers are teenagers or young adults between the ages of 20 and 30, who earn minimum wage; KRW 6,000 (USD $5) per hour.

To gain a better understanding of its target audience, Alba Chunkuk, Korea's top part-time job portal, conducted online surveys of its users to better understand the wage, working environment and contractual obligations of part-time workers in Korea. The results were alarming: 20% of part-time workers were not being paid the minimum wage; 80% of part-time workers were being mistreated in their workplace, including inappropriate communication from supervisors or customers; and 50% of part-time workers were not protected by an employment contract, an occurrence most prevalent in store management positions.