To raise awareness of its new direct route between Chicago and Auckland, Air New Zealand needed to make a splash to capture the attention of Chicagoans in an otherwise crowded market.

Air New Zealand wanted to create an immersive experience that educated consumers through the senses and welcomed Chicagoans to escape and share in the wonder that is New Zealand while also breaking down common travel barriers.


  • Execute a transportable brand activation that will get consumers desperate to experience and share it, media excited to write about it and travel agents keen to be a part of it
  • The activation needs to be B2C and B2B
  • Ideas that can be replicated in other markets with less budget
  • Drive bookings on the new route from Chicago to Auckland

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  • North Americans often perceive flight time to New Zealand as being up to two days, when in fact it is only 16 hours from Chicago. With the introduction of Air New Zealand's new direct route, New Zealand is, for the first time, only a sleep away for Chicagoans.
  • AirNZ is a new player in the Chicago market.
  • New Zealand considerers are only 21% of the Illinois population, so there is a destination education job to do.
  • High levels of New Zealand considerers are unaware of the brand and what it stands for.