After a 13-year absence, Air New Zealand decided to resume direct flights between Taipei and Auckland. But will tickets sell? In a region where people enjoy only a handful of paid vacation days, the numbers show that Taiwanese prefer to either travel closer to home or go all out and visit more popular destinations in the US or Europe. "Sleepy" New Zealand was never top of mind. Our strategy was to blow their outdated perceptions away with resonant stories told by relatable storytellers and demonstrate how New Zealand is worth the time. The response to the campaign was so overwhelming, Air New Zealand has had to increase flight frequency from the current three per week to up to five later this year, with revenue generated from the route significantly ahead of budget. The number of visitors to New Zealand increased by a whopping 37.5% versus the same period in the previous year. Google searches for New Zealand jumped by 120% and Taiwan became one of the top three markets with the biggest increase in visitor numbers to New Zealand in November 2018.

Situation Analysis