Air China is a national Chinese brand striving for global respect, recognition and traveller consideration. Ranked for its premium services and reliability, the carrier was struggling to differentiate itself and drive sales. To boost awareness of and consumer preference in its brand, Air China needed to identify an irresistible emotional hook to grab people's attention and compel them to buy.

A web-based digital campaign reimagined the booking process, shifting it merely a "prices and places" transaction to an emotional experience centered on dreams and desires. The "Land Your Dream" campaign kicked off in China, spreading I to global markets in UK, France and Germany, and included the creation of all-new brand assets and a strategic multi-phase approach to help Air China become part of discussion by hundreds of millions of people.


  • Perception Goal: Increase brand awareness and international buzz around Air China
  • Media Goal: Increase organic research on Baidu Index and increase traffic for its digital websites
  • Business Goal: Increase sales and Phoenix Miles membership (Air China's loyalty program)