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The Backstory

Aflac has a long history of doing good in its communities. From its beginnings as a cancer insurance company, Aflac has stayed true to its mission of looking out for those most vulnerable in our society. That's why Aflac made the battle against pediatric cancer its philanthropic priority and has contributed more than $127 million to the cause since 1995. Through the Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign, Aflac funds essential research, underwrites treatment, contributes to a camp for kids with cancer and raises awareness through the #Duckprints program for childhood cancer, which has already reached hundreds of thousands of people in person and across social media.

When Catherine Hernandez-Blades joined Aflac's communications team in 2014, Aflac's efforts to do good found a vital strategic leader. Hernandez-Blades led research efforts that revealed the modern consumer's overwhelming preference for doing business with socially responsible companies and leveraged her position to convince C-suite level executives to hold their CSR efforts to an even higher standard. Hernandez-Blades made an influential contribution to the industry when she helped define and exemplified the term, "Return on Reputation," or "ROR", and continues to emphasize the importance of leveraging brands to make powerful and measurable social impact.