Campaign details

Brand: adidas Singapore
Agency: Creation Singapore

The brief

In 2017, 27-time Bundesliga champions FC Bayern Munich (FC Bayern) announced plans to visit Singapore as part of the International Champions Cup (ICC) in July.

As the club's official kit sponsor, adidas had the opportunity to promote the new jerseys, but more importantly, we wanted to use this opportunity to promote the sport and ignite passions for football to connect with our target audience, men between the ages of 18 to 45 year olds that formed the bulk of football enthusiasts here in Singapore.

Two key challenges

  1. Low affinity with the football club and Bundesliga league in Singapore.
    • FC Bayern did not command the same level of loyalty/support as other major English and Italian clubs among adidas' primary and secondary target consumers in Singapore: 18-25-year-old youths and 26-45-year-old adult male football enthusiasts.
    • The EPL and its football clubs had amassed a larger following here than the Bundesliga. We found over 80 unofficial fan pages with more than 171,000 members compared to less than 10 Bundesliga fan social media pages with less than 2,000 members.
  2. Sharp declining interest and participation in football
    • Only 43% said they watch football on TV/online1 which was a huge 25% decline from 20112);
    • and 37% of spectated sports were football related, a 13% decline from 2011.2

What we needed to do