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Advertiser: Adecco Group North America
Brand: Adecco Group North America
Agency: Allison + Partners
Country: North America


The U.S. job market looks wildly different than it did just ten, five or even two years ago. The post-recession economy has been steadily growing; the unemployment rate is exceptionally low, resulting in fewer job seekers and many job openings; and Pew Research confirmed that for the first time, Millennials have surpassed Boomers as the largest generation in the workforce for the first time. Keeping pace with the employment evolution requires staffing agencies to find qualified Millennial candidates and help their clients understand what it takes to attract and keep this younger generation of job seekers.

Adecco Group North America (Adecco), one of the largest, most experienced and well recognized staffing companies, is adept at adjusting to seismic shifts in the job market. However, with increased competition from online and university employment resources, Adecco sought to raise its visibility as a resource for both Millennials and the companies looking to hire them.