Campaign details

Brand: Ad Hoc Utilities Group (AHUG)
Agency: Chartwell Strategy Group


In July 2018, two small uranium mining companies petitioned the U.S. Department of Commerce under Section 232 to investigate uranium imports claiming they pose a threat to national security. The Commerce Department accepted the petition and had 270 days to make a recommendation to the White House whether a 25 percent domestic purchase quota would be an appropriate solution under the Section 232 statute.

A 25 percent domestic purchase quota on uranium would have added $500-800 million in annual costs to the U.S. nuclear industrywhich continues to face tenuous economic conditions, risking plant shutdowns. The nuclear industry supports 100,000 direct jobs and 475,000 indirect jobs.

The Ad Hoc Utilities Group (AHUG) is a coalition made up of a majority of U.S. nuclear generators. AHUG hired Chartwell Strategy Group(Chartwell) to execute a public affairs campaign to oppose the Section 232 petition and help prevent a 25 percent quota or any other onerous trade restrictions while simultaneously protecting the industry from reputational damage. Chartwell provided AHUG with strategic communications, a national spokesperson, media relations, advocacy, branding, digital media and third-party outreach.

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